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Look left of the chest, to the cliff just across. When you return, rejoin Atreus at the ledge and use the Bifrost to infuse his bow with Light Arrows - now you will be able to create light bridges wherever you see the blue crystals! Dark Elves flit around on their wings before dive-bombing with their spears in a two hit combo or one strong hit, or shooting fiery beams at a distance. Kill the enemies and look for a gate at the far end and a lever that will raise the gate - but only for a few moments. The entire island of of Light Elf Outpost is a huge light crystal outpost. The bodies around you point to a war being waged even now. If you are too slow, the puzzle will reset, but with practice you’ll have it unlocked in no time. Move along to the right side so you can line up all three pulsating cores and hit them with one throw, then move the boat onto the water. Make sure to point out the symbol above the door, then go around behind the crystal to spot a wall with a hole up the side you can boost Atreus into. Alfheim Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution Across from the rune chest is a wheel you can use. You can’t hit the pulsating roots from this angle, so return back down to the Lore Marker and take the crystal back up to this room. As you enter the light, chase the flickering flame across familiar territory until you reach the end. Make sure Atreus is helping out either by distracting them with his melee attacks and chokes or peppering arrows to distract them. Keep this strategy up and you’ll be able to stun it fairly fast, letting you climb on top to deal additional damage until you are thrown off. Enemies are starting to get tough, and you’ll want to keep up. Alfheim Nornir Chest locations 1. He’ll also dash back and prepare to charge. Spartan Rage can help even the odds here as you pummel them and smack them around to keep them from flying away. The Light Elf Shore has some Tatzelwurms and ranged Draugr waiting for you on the shore, as well as several roots on the left that block another entrance. After killing the trio, head up to find more pink roots - and note that destroying one of the pulsating cores isn’t enough - you need to line them up so you can strike both at once in order to do away with the blockage for good. Inside the Hive, it’s a fairly tight path. As you enter the Foothills, beware an incursion of Rabid and Poison Wolves that will come down from the mountain to ambush you. Behind you are two different rooms full of caged Draugr and a mechanism in the middle of the room. Drop back down and put the blue crystal in the newly opened spot. Cross over to the base of the hive and engage the Dark Elves here. The crystals down in this area are still inactive, but luckily you have Atreus and his Light Arrows. It’s on a cooldown just like your Runic Attacks, and you can hold down the square button to activate it in combat. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Light of Alfheim Main Quest. Head up to the next room where the mysterious blue door that blocked your progress was earlier. Nornir Chest 16 - Midgard - Light Elf Outpost Another Nornir chest can be found in the north of Lake of Nine at the Light Elf Outpost after the water drops for a second time. After you finish dodging its blast, grab an orb and toss it back to detonate to explosive effect, further exposing the weak point to attack. On Saturday from 5 t0 6:30, I'll be broadcasting from the Throw your axe and charge it up like you did with the others. Look above you to see the roots above that connect the next group of three and line them up as well. Lake of Light is a large area in Alfheim in God of War. You can also try and get behind them and knock them off ledges for a quick kill. The way forward seems to be blocked by a wall of light, but if you look up you can spot a blue crystal hanging like a pendulum. Now you can cross the bridge and enter the blue door into the Ringed Temple proper… but the door doesn’t seem to have a spot where you can open it. Slowly move forward and the dark smoke will be pushed back as you make your way up the path, and at the base, Kratos will finally dispel the Black Breath - and your path up the mountain will be made clear. Note that if you were unable to pick up some items that were dropped in now inaccessible areas of the temple, you can claim them in the Lost Items section from his menu. These guys aren’t as much of a pushover as regular Draugr, as they can sprint at you with high speed to hit before you can react. When they’re dead, look back at the wall you dropped down to knock a hanging pot down for some Hacksilver. Spoiler Warning: This guide will refrain from story spoilers whenever possible, but may indicate possible spoilers in boss fights or other encounters - proceed at your own risk. Finally, line up the last three that ends with the doorway to completely get rid of all the cores to gain entry to the Hive. The Cliffs of the Raven is an optional area that can be docked from the Lake of Nine in the north Next to a dead body just beyond the chest and raven is an Artifact, part of the Abandon Ship set.Favor To dock, you’ll need to be in the Lake of Nine’s low water phase. Take note of all the occupants as you quitely make your way up the side. Light Elf Outpost contains 4 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). Use it to create a bridge across back to where the long pathway to the sand bowl you first took down here is located. Look under the bridge to the right to spot one of two pulsating centers - the other is under the chest, and you can arc the shot to hit both at the same time. The realm of the light elves is full of trees and groves, as well as odd pink roots that block your path - but you can throw your axe at the pulsating mass in the center to grant passage. They should be a pushover for you at this point, as long as you don’t let them surround you. Take out the Dark Elf reinforcements and go back to the boat moving back to the lake entrance where the sand bowl riddle is. Once the area is clear, look around to spot some hanging crates tied to those pink roots you can hit to get some Hacksilver. This Legendary Chest can be found on the platform below the main light bridge leading to the temple. To the Southeast lies the Light Elf Sanctuary, and to the far West is the Light Elf Shore - both places you can dock at. This will bring all the bridges in this room back online, allowing you an easier way to get back to the top. This is another bell-based one with some really tricky shots. If you’re feeling up to it and haven’t explored them before, there’s still the two distant shores to explore for some fairly quick loot: After clearing out Draugr and Nightmare near the beach, look in the giant tree for a hanging box full of Hacksilver. Now that you’re at the “root” of the problem, it’s time to clear out this gunk that’s blocking the main bridge into the inner temple. Remember that upgraded gear can be socketed with enchantments that can further boost your skills, and you have a Frozen Flame from killing the Ogre to upgrade your Leviathan Axe to level 3! It turns out there’s a sand bowl on a higher level needed to activate it but you’ll need to clear a path. (0:10) Lore 1/2(0:41) Shop 1/2(1:28) Right Side(2:01) Nornir Chest 1/4(2:40) Rune Symbol(3:12) Realm Tear Encounter 1/2(4:08) Artifact 1/6(4:35) Legendary Chest 1/5(5:56) Left Side(6:20) Legendary Chest 2/5(6:48) Artifact 2/6(7:04) Realm Tear Encounter 2/2(7:45) Odin's Raven 1/2(8:01) Hidden Chamber(8:37) Mystic Gateway 1/1(8:58) Odin's Raven 2/2(9:23) Valkyries / OLRUN(11:17) Sand Bowl Elevator(11:53) Legendary Chest 3/5(12:25) Nornir Chest 2/4 (12:48) Destroy 3 Rune(14:23) Artifact 3/6(15:01) Artifact 4/6(16:00) Artifact 5/6(16:33) Legendary Chest 4/5(17:11) Artifact 6/6(17:29) Back Track to the Sand BowlNext Stop Freya's Temple(18:08) Shop 2/2(18:25) Jotnar Shrine(18:43) Nornir Chest 3/4 (19:06) 3 Rune Symbol(19:31) Nornir Chest 4/4 (19:52) 3 Rune Symbol(21:09) Lore 2/2(21:46) Legendary Chest 5/5God of War The Secret Ending Brok and Sindri Favors all of the Dragons all of the Wayward Spirits Location Falls All Collectible of Death All Collectible Cove All Collectible Caverns All Collectible of the Raven All Collectible Corpse All Collectible Storeroom All Collectible Stronghold All Collectible Mines All Collectible All Collectible Tower All Collectible Elf Outpost All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible's Storeroom All Collectible River Pass All Collectible's Temple All Collectible Mountain All Collectible All Collectible - Lake of Light All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible of Valkyries All Collectible of Nine All Collectible

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