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What is, however, little known is that the state is not just renowned for its non-vegetarian items. To tell the truth, it is a mixture of subtle and fiery aromas. But there are countless delights here for pure vegetarians too. It is eaten with vegetables such as onion, garlic, eggplant, and a variety of gourds according to the season. Nawabs ruled here for a long period. Fish and meat are favorite foods. Bengali Hindus observe Holi, Divali , ... 12 • FOOD Boiled rice is the staple food in rural Bengal. Bengali cuisine and its love affair with fish curries and fish fries are not news. Their cost places them beyond the reach of most villagers. Some facts of Bengali Food. The Bengali word “Bhuna Khichuri” means browning, mixing, or deep frying spices with rice and lentil. Besides, there are some European influences in traditional Bengali food. your password Bhuna means braised, so this dish is kind of slow-cooked to infuse the flavors and the spices as opposed to the simple process of … Bangladeshi cuisine has over time been largely influenced by the Mughlai cuisine left behind by the Persian Rulers. 12. The dish makes for … It is the richer version of the plain old Khichuri. Fish is a high protein food that is low in calories, total fat, and saturated fat. It has deep influence on Bengali Food. Bengal, Bengali Bangla, historical region in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent, generally corresponding to the area inhabited by speakers of the Bengali language and now divided between the Indian state of West Bengal and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.Bengal formed part of most of the early empires that controlled northern India. There are ample references scattered across Bengali texts describing rice as the primary food item in Bengali diet. B engal has been famous for its food and cuisine ever since the establishment of civilization in the landscape of gluttons, made up of the sovereign state of Bangladesh (earlier East Bengal or East Pakistan) and the Indian state of West Bengal, with a total area of more than 228,000 square kilometers . Welcome! This mouth-watering dish is filled with the sweetness and spice that makes it an amazing try. West Bengal Famous Food: West Bengal is a paradise for food lovers – that is a universal fact. Yes, the West Bengal famous food list contains specials like fish, mutton and chicken. The spicy flavour of Torkari is balanced with steaming hot luchis. Mochar Ghonto Source Mochar Ghonto is a delicious preparation of banana flower, crushed coconut and potato, cooked with some cumin and bay leaves. A government report of the 1940s shows that in order to survive, 3600 calories were required daily, and a large section of Bengali population received 3500 calories from rice … Hot steaming Alur Torkari is a good way to enjoy Bengali food . In the first place, Bengal Food is very rich and distinct. This has led Bangladeshi cuisine to include many rich aromatic dishes such as biriyani and korma that requires the use of a large array of spices along with an extensive amount of ghee. In addition, a … Preparing and eating fish delicacies is part of Bengal’s food tradition and culture. Enjoy this Bengali food with rice. Moreover, it possesses a unique aroma. Log into your account. your username.

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