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*Of note, Fiio have released several variants of the F9. Vocal positioning will ultimately depend on the pitch as the F9 gets a kick in energy (presumed crossover point) and elevation between 1-2k and remains fairly energetic right throughout to about 7-8k. Overall the FH1 has a more agreeable signature. The current price of this model is 74,99$. When I reviewed the FiiO F9, I was impressed by the sound quality and especially the build & design for 99$. I find I enjoy the sparkle that F9 can give me adjusting for around -2dB on the X7ii EQ 8K bar but too much adjusting creates a little bit too much of a suck out leaving the sound a bit “boring’. Zococity 27,381 views. The Fiio F9 is the company's latest flagship in this segment and packs quite a punch. November 26, 2017. Many thanks for your helpful advice. Does it deliver the quality at the price it commands? I was in the process of going for the Fiio f9 pro when I came across this, and now I am kind of swinging in favour of the fh1s. I even made a presentation there though how much any understood is up for debate. The Bass driver is the same, but with better BA drivers taking care of the midrange and of the treble, F9Pro is surely to sound different from F9. Can you reproduce this? Thank you for answer. Externally, the F9 uses a very well finished CNC aluminum material split into two halves with a smoother underbody and the rippled inspired face plate. At the top, it arcs into a set of MMCX connectors designed to receive the cable over the ear. The FH1 is a little bit more affordable at $74.99, whereas the SE215 is $99. Accessories It will continue to be sold alongside the F9. The F9 plays well but can be a little peaky and harder sounding than the F9 Pro. Regarding drivers, I try not to generalize performance to driver type though they are linked to an extent. For reference, it is way more linear than even the Pinnacle P2, it’s almost neutral but a little warmer and slightly more laid-back which makes it nicely musical as well. FiiO F9 Pro Pros&Cons . In addition to product reviews across multiple categories, the site is home to numerous abridged buyers guides, deal alerts, and other useful info, all written by audio enthusiasts with vast experience evaluating audio gear. Any chance you can review the F9 pro and how does F9/F9 pro compares to RHA T20? *Of note, Fiio have released several variants of the F9. This is a polyether ketone high-performance plastic and is used as a polymer nanocomposite material for the F9 driver. FiiO F9 Pro - Harder, Better, Faster, FiiO FiiO made an updated version of their well-received FiiO F9 IEMs, this time using High-Quality Knowles BA drivers, giving the entire sound a new definition. Their behavior in the lows is comparable but the mids and highs are a lot more present and detailed. However, the decay is quite short so sibilance is not exaggerated nor is there an abundance of odd harmonic bias and irritating sharpness to its sound. Author:Josh Noriega;Review from AndroidGuys. Despite being made from plastic - which is a downgrade from the pricier Fiio F9's all-metal construction - the Fiio FH1 looks and feels extremely premium. This is an oval or egg-shaped aesthetic with smoothed or rounded finish that is very comfortable in the hand. Think of it as an entry-level premium model, with a CNC-milled case, S-Turbo acoustic design, and a whole new acoustic tuning. It’s a nice inclusion that is very uncommon at this price point and the inclusion of a remote cable is thoughtful for those that intend to use the F9 with a smart device. Delivery was impressively fast; one week to Germany with clearance. “The FiiO F9 are triple driver IEMs which ship with one dynamic and two balanced armature drivers in each earpiece” If you are in the market for a pair of half-decent earphones, then you might have seen options listed for as much as the price of a budget smartphone. What would you recommend a similar sound to KZ ZS5? Consistent with the Infinity Sound pitch, FiiO has made the F9 detachable with a choice of 2 cables, balanced and single ended 2.5mm and 3.5mm. We review to find out. It’s probably between the mini2 and pinnacle P2 in that case, and I’m edging towards the mini. As the F9 … The second cable is a 2.5mm balanced 1.2m MMCX terminated cable which is also made with a TPE jacket. We thank FiiO for that! Using the wider bore stock tips will accentuate the lower treble presence more than the narrow bore tips and if you happen to have foams this will tame it a bit more. The F9 balanced cable is much softer than the F5 balanced cable with better pliancy and lower microphonics. As the F9 PRO The shells are then carefully hand-polished and matched, before going through sandblasting and anodization. FiiO has started the response dip rather early on the F9, around 90Hz to 100hz rather than 150-200hz meaning by the time it hits the mids its a good 10dB lower. Staging on the F9 is not too bad on depth actually. Portable Headphone Ranking List by ljokerl, Ranking the Stars – flinkenick’s 2017 Flagship IEM Shootout, 2016 IEM Buyer’s Guide by Sound Signature, DIY Self-impressions for Custom In-Ear Monitors, Introduction to Bluetooth Audio Technology. There is plenty of space to spare for silicone bags, a 3rd cable etc. These are not exorbitant prices and if the F5 price to performance ratio is anything to go by then the F9 range could well make more expensive IEMs look a bit silly. Review from:samma3a →→ Read the original article on samma3a:>> Click here. FiiO F9 vs FiiO F9Pro - F9Pro is the bigger brother of F9, with improved Knowles Drivers, although they are almost double F9's price. Excellent for the prevention of bass bleed and lower pitched instrumental clarity though a touch lean sounding. The craftsmanship is exquisite and flawless for this price point. To learn more about FiiO reviews on … This review will be as objective as it is humanly possible, and it reflects our experience with FiiO F9 Pro. One such product is the FiiO F9 Pro triple driver earphones. This happens right after i unboxed the well packed in-ears. Fiio F9 Review – Making Waves. Great sound. Case in point: the Fiio F9. That’s a reason why I’m such a big fan of the Rose Mini 2, it is easily one of the most balanced, neutral earphones around this price besides the notorious RE-400 though the Rose is far better built. Hi Marcus, got my F9 Pro yesterday from SZX. If i touch the angled jack plug slightly with my fingers or something else It stops playing! Originally posted in English on my mixed language English and German audio review website, the "Kopfhörer-Lounge", here comes my review of the FiiO F9 Pro hybrid triple-driver. If you are looking for the best mixer grinders, here is the complete list and analysis for your help. Because of their similarities in shape and size, they both touch the ear in a similar way, although it’s pretty comfortable. Treble peak. FiiO Flagship F9 PRO. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows while the two BA drivers precisely portray extended upper-mids and highs. FiiO F9 Review. This is a 1.2m braided black PET jacketed 4-core cable which splits into 2 beyond the y-split. Both are a little muddy within the bass but the HD has a more natural midrange due to its more even midrange/treble transition. The new batches also have a larger angle between the connectors and housing which enables cables with wider connectors to be used. The Fiio F9 Pro sounds slightly warmer and fuller at the midrange, which makes its vocal presentation more intimate. The F3’s are designed for the cable to hook around your ear and enter your ear canal from the top, unlike many other in … Disclaimer : The FiiO FA7 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest review. FiiO FH5 vs FiiO F9 Pro. Ideally, I would be seeking.. But they also want to step up to the next level and quickly improve with each product they launch. – Easy to drive Marcus. Excellent for the prevention of bass bleed and lower pitched instrumental clarity though a touch lean sounding.

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