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The Stove Legends Are Made Of From Little Red Window. For her IKEA Duktig play kitchen makeover, Paige only used spray paints in different colors. DIY Ikea Play Kitchen Hack from Amanda Krovic – The subtle blue combined with the copper adds a playful and chic vibe. With a black sharpie, she just drew on some tiles that, in my opinion, turned out great. She got some super fun tile decals from Amazon that added a whole new design element. Many mums have chosen to transform this basic $129 Ikea Duktig kitchen. Instead of going for something more monochromatic, she designed a beautiful little flower kitchen that her girls would love. Thinking outside the Ikea box. Of course, you could use whatever color goes with your scheme. As her kids had outgrown the idea of a play kitchen, Sian from Hue Me Happy decided to turn her play kitchen into an ice cream shop. She painted the whole kitchen a pale blue color and added some gold accents. Sina from Happy Grey Lucky had a pretty similar idea to Sara from Babiekins in terms of going with a simplistic design. Clean, Simple, and Stylish Duktig Hack From Lauren Koster. Kids' Toys & Games - IKEA IKEA Over at Babiekins, they did an incredible IKEA Duktig play kitchen makeover that I honestly want to do for my actual kitchen. For her backsplash, Christine used an old floral wallpaper she had lying around her home. I’ll wait. Does it get more adorable than that? She kept the overall look pretty simplistic, with just a few gold details to make the kitchen pop. Anika painted the cupboards a beautiful bright blue color and went for a shiny silver on her fixtures. With that said, when I saw Katie Lamb’s gray and white kitchen, I immediately fell in love. These IKEA Hack Copper Barn Pendant Lights are too perfect! Since she kept the design pretty simple, Amy decided to go all out on the kitchen accessories. But if you can’t or don’t want to buy it, you can use spray paint again. 101+ Hilariously Funny Jokes for Kids – Only the Best Jokes! If you love the look of these hacked Duktigs but don’t have the time or energy to Do-It-Yourself (hey no judgment – we’re all parents here!) Ikea's Duktig play kitchen is a popular toy for families with young children. If you’ve been around here before you will already know that I am OBSESSED with IKEA & IKEA hacks! 31 Brilliant Ikea Hacks Every Parent Should Know. ), I definitely want to try out the little IKEA Duktig hack she did for her backsplash. i planned to do this for his christmas present, but once it was done i decided to just let him start playing with it now because he is obsessed. These added a pop of color to the play kitchen. With that said, these girls are so creative and their pretty pastel Duktig kitchen makeover proves just how much. To get that pretty pastel color, she used some lacquer paint and painter’s tape. Needless to say, Amy went all out when designing her Duktig kitchen makeover and it really shows. Over at Dove Cottage, Sam had some really interesting IKEA Duktig play kitchen makeover ideas that I had to share. After applying a couple of coats of primer, she spray-painted the whole thing white. I love how she stained the countertop to give it a deeper, more elegant feel. Jenny Collier did something similar to Mara from Design Evolving, but the results were stunning nonetheless. Image: Kmart/supplied. She also used the Krylon Stone Texture paint for her countertops, which I thought was brilliant and it takes only a few minutes to do. Visit IKEA for safe & fun kid's toys and games such as our tea party, tents, and kitchen play sets that will help them grow their imagination and creativity. Now, I don’t know exactly which one she used, but I really like the Rust-Oleum one and that’s the one I usually go for. Your kids don't know how good they're about to have it. Kid’s Play Kitchen Ikea Hack from Lauren Koster – Love the stylish pulls and the subway tile backsplash! It's a great space saving option, especially for families living in apartments and small homes. She used gold spray paint for the sink and faucet, as well as some of the pots and cabinet handles. I love to DIY and redecorate on the daily. Image: Ikea. The closest I could get were these two wallpapers from Spoonflower and Adarl. She painted the cabinets with Rust-Oleum’s Gloss White, which is a primer and paint in one. She even listed a few of her favorites at the bottom of the page. Spray painted a 4 wood pieces and 4 legs white. What I love about this idea is that you can mix and match different colors and patterns to make something that you love. Of course, Amy also repainted the whole Duktig white so it would go with her theme. She also used some white and gold spray paint to finish off the rest of the elements, as well as the fixture. If you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can buy the play kitchen … I love this IKEA Duktig play kitchen makeover so much because it’s so creative and requires little to no effort, which is just my sweet spot. We actually had one of these tables in our home for years for our kids, and they spent hours and hours at it doing various craft projects. She also used the Rust-Oleum paint in Champagne Mist for her fixtures and faucet. Amy went to IKEA to find two separate cabinets that would double as a freezer and fridge. Instead of the original one, she cut out and painted a rectangle board that made the whole kitchen look daintier and cuter. That way, her kids could hang their little aprons on them once they were done playing. If your kiddos love kitties, this will be the perfect addition to their Duktig kitchen makeover. I’ve been looking for a small kitchen for my kids … Even though they’re not exactly the same as the one Little Years used, I think they’d still work with a blue and white color scheme. into this dreamy kitchen and Fridge combo . For her countertop, instead of doing a DIY faux marble pattern, Sam got some adhesive countertop marble film. I want to point out here that Jamie went kind of simple with her design, which I thought was really smart. if you love IKEA hacks check out these other two posts I wrote compiling all the best IKEA hacks on the web: 13 DIY Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Furniture. Mel Gay spent $160 transforming an $89 Kmart kitchen for her daughter's birthday. To pull it off, she used a mix of Sherwin Williams primer and paint, as well as some spray paint for the fixtures. This DIY IKEA children's desk has an additional table that lets kids play opposite one another. So here's how I DIY'd the Duktig Ikea kitchen this weekend and made it look a bit more stylish for our living room. The closest thing I could find to what she was using is this Floral Engravings Wallpaper Book. One hack that I definitely plan on doing for my makeover is using scrapbook paper for the shelves. It helps children develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own identity. Like Sina from Happy Grey Lucky, Jess took out the old handles and replaced them with new, more stylish ones. How to hack your Ikea Duktig kitchen with earthy colors ? Simple Ikea hack kitchen Image from Happy Grey Lucky. ... Or give the Ikea play kitchen a modern … Brown wood and white natural Ikea Duktig hack by… 12 Adorable Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hacks - Hacksaholic - […] Dark and Bronze Duktig Play Kitchen Hack … I’m Jess. IKEA kitchen hacks are perfect if you want to do up your kitchen without spending a load of money! Theme by 17th Avenue. Kids love to copy their parents by pretending to cook their food. Those were my top 20 Duktig play kitchen inspirations and hacks. So if you want to stain or paint wood, I recommend taking your time. Out of about a million (okay, maybe more like 100) different Duktig hack ideas, I picked the cream of the crop that I wanted to share with all of you. Ps. To make the faux marble countertop, Jenny used contact paper, while making the backsplash tiles with a foam board and a sharpie. You can … Give your kitchen a classy appeal by getting some inspiration from Kojo-Designs and see how a simple pendant light from IKEA … I also started thinking about whether I should make some of these design changes to my actual, grown-up kitchen. Happy Gilmore, Kristie did a fantastic IKEA Duktig play kitchen makeover in an effort to make it more modern and stylish. The Ikea Duktig kitchen is the perfect play kitchen for so many families because of it's compact and minimalist design. Sara also put some LED strips underneath the microwave to add some mood lighting to the kitchen.

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