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This variety is much-loved favourite, over 100 years old and bred in the UK. ... Buying organic potato seeds is important not only for the health of you and your family with the guarantee that the seeds are NOT treated with fungicides, but also because it encourages seed farmers to stop using toxic chemicals! The Yukon Gold Potatoes are top quality CERTIFIED SEED POTATO eyes. NO CUTTING REQUIRED. Packed under licence from VICSPA. On Sale; Collection: Seed Potatoes Enjoy the buttery, smooth texture of homegrown organic potatoes! CERTIFIED SEED POTATO – PONTIAC 1kg 1kg Pack. The complete garden combo for 2021! Ideal for patios, balcony and any ... An all purpose potato with waxy, creamy yellow flesh.Extremely high yielding and late maturing variety to extend your harvest. Please take a look at our 'Potato Selector Guide' to fomd which seed potatoes you should buy. Yukon gold is a yellow skinned potato with flesh so yellow it looks like it was dipped in butter. 19 Radford Place, Bairnsdale VIC 3875. 5 x Tubers. Packed under licence ... 'Sebago' is considered a great all round potato with its white to light brown flesh these potatoes are high in nutrients can be baked, boiled, grilled, mashed your option are endless. Royal Blue skin fades to golden brown when made into chips. It’s the start of potato season at Diggers. When buying potato seeds, we recommend choosing whole seed potatoes that are certified. It is an excellent potato for roasting, mashing and even salads. Packed under license from VICSPA. We grow certified seed potatoes and high quality table potatoes of varieties specifically for farmers' market customers. stock, save tubers from your harvest in a cool, dark, dry place and replant as suits your climate zone. The most spectacular purple potato with delicious rich purple flesh that maintains its colour when cooked. Sold as whole potatoes that may/may not be shooting. Make sure you tick the varieties you would like to grow and we will send you a notification when they come in from the field. 1kg of potato seed can produce up to 20kg of potatoes in ideal conditions! Plant potatoes in free draining compost or... Don't have a garden? All bulbs are drought-tolerant and easy to grow. Just plant one eye per hill. ... Beetroot burgundy flesh is high in antioxidants and a fun variety for the whole family. Elders has provided Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) potatoes to the Australian potato industry for many years. Potatoes are not grown from seed but rather "seed potatoes", also sometimes sold simply as ‘tubers’. Oval, creamy white flesh. Available all year. ... Don't have a garden? Expect a During single cycle all the activities concerning with potato planting are performed (it makes furrows, automatically seeds the potatoes and ridges the seeded plants with soil). Richard Goodman arrived in Bairnsdale in 1858. Seed potatoes for sale at great prices. Great for potatoes, tomato, cucumber, carrots, spinach, chilli, herbs. Potatoes 'Purple Congo' Solanum spp. Rudolph Seed Potatoes produce deep red skin and white fleshed tubers with a smooth creamy texture. The farm produces a variety of potatoes for farmer’s markets and small order retail as well as certified seed and processing potatoes. Not to Norfolk Island, SA, TAS or WA Heirloom potato bred before 1895, easily the hardiest potato we have ever grown. Each kilo pack contains A great value Gift idea. If you love new potatoes during the summer, consider an early variety. We grow 30 of the most popular seed potato varieties. Cut larger potatoes in half. Waxy, Floury and All rounder. This is your chance to try our Tatey bag with the Heirloom all-rounder King Edward. When choosing potato varieties, consider whether they are early, main or late season. Pontiac is a great all round variety that is especially good for salads, chips, roasting, boiling and baking. Buy seed potatoes. Boil 'new' potatoes as a pre-harvest treat. A vigorous potato with a delicious creamy yellow flesh. We only sell certified seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are not the same as shop bought potatoes. Fill your garden with flowers next autumn with this stunning collection that includes 10 Autumn snowflake, 6 Colhicum byzantinium and 6 of the Copper Storm Lily bulbs. 1 kg is approx. If space is limited and you would still like to grow your own spuds in a courtyard or on a Grow your own sweet potatoes at home. Thin skin with sweet white flesh, this all purpose potato is from Florida in the USA and is popular for it's early harvest and reliable yields. Planting / Seed Potatoes - Purple Congo. In order to achieve your own year-round planting ! 3 sorts available. Current order processing time is approx 5-6 business days. Everything that you could ask for in a potato! Great for all vegies. Australia Post currently have delivery delays within Australia due to … Includes one plant each of Sweet Potatoes ‘Northern Star’, ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ and ‘Beauregard’. Packed under license from VICSPA no. Nutty and buttery, this potato can be used for boiling, baking, roasting and in salads. They have just the right amount of flesh to insure fast sprouting. Keep the kids amused with purple mash or impress your guests with a purple potato salad. Yes it is possible to simply buy some from a specialist green grocer and keep them for seed, or use leftover potato peelings.However, you do run the risk of introducing diseases if you use leftovers or buy from supermarkets or green grocers. Heirloom Collection - A bumper crop of home-grown spuds to meet all your cooking needs. We are arguably the leaders in supply of PBR potato varieties in Australia, so when buying from our Elders experts, you can be assured you are buying the best certified PBR potato seeds available. Suitable for pots, the long vine can be grown up a trellis or allowed to spill from the pot, while the roots produce those deliciously sweet tubers. All of our bulk potatoes seed for sale are non-GMO certified, and this makes them healthier to eat. Skin dappled pink and creamy yellow flesh that melts in your mouth. Seed potatoes are one of mankind’s staple crops and seed is available to the consumer which is disease resistant and offers prolific production. Usually later maturing varieties store better. Preparing your planting area ahead of time is very worthwhile - for detailed growing This vigorous variety produces medium sized oblong shaped potatoes with purple skin and purple flesh. We are the only vertically integrated seed potato producer in Australia ensuring quality at every stage of the growing process. It is suitable for all cooking methods and makes the most superb roast potatoes and baked jackets that are light and fluffy inside! Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. The complete garden combo for 2021! POTATO GROW BAG -TWIN PACK Pack of 2 $ 27.50 Buy Now; Sale! The process of seed potato certification involves field inspections throughout the growing season, to check for disease and to ensure that varieties are true to type, as well as a winter grow-out of the seed, to screen for disease contamination. Create your own purple gnocchi with this weird wonder of the potato world! and easy to grow, with a wonderful flavour whether eaten 'old' or 'new'. MEMBERS SAVE with this exclusive 3 pack to increase your harvest. It’s the start of potato season at Diggers. Despatch by end November, Copyright 2020 The Diggers Club Pty Ltd Since 1978. Colour is retained when cooked, making great looking chips and potato salad. $13 coloured bags 5 bags for $50 Potato seeds $1 each. Shop our range of gardening gifts for green thumbs - order by December 4 for delivery before christmas. Great for boiling, chips and fantastic for roasts. Edible Plants - buy online for growing in Australia - seed potatoes, garlic bulbs, elephant garlic bulbs, rhubarb crowns, strawberry plants, yacon tubers, oca tubers, waterchestnut corms and summer leafy greens. Johnny's sells Maine Certified Seed Potatoes. Order online !! Buttery and rich, Nicola is everything you could ask for in a potato. notes, click the link next to each plant. yield of approximately ten times the amount you plant. An all time favourite heirloom, 'Kipfler' remains unbeaten in salads or as 'new' boiled potatoes. This is your chance to try our Tatey bag with the Heirloom all-rounder Nicola. Substitutes may occur. Grow them in these handy planting bags. 8-12 potatoes. Always grow potatoes from Certified Seed Potatoes available for sale from reputable suppliers. CERTIFIED SEED POTATO AUTUMN COLLECTION 1 Pack of 3 $ 23.70 $ 20.00 Sold/Out of Season; CERTIFIED SEED POTATO – BRAKE LIGHT 1kg Pack $ 7.90 Sold/Out of Season; Sale! Varieties we stock include Atlantic, Delaware, Dutch Cream, Kestral, King Edward, Kipfler, Maris Piper, Nicola, Norland, Pink Fir Apple, Prince of Orange, Ranger Russet, Royal Blue, Ruby Lou, Sweet Potato and White Star. When you browse our stock, you'll find Red Pontiac, Russet Norkotah, Superior and Yukon Gold, and we also have Adirondack Red for a limited time. Certified Seed Potatoes. It makes sense to grow for your own taste - so if you enjoy buttered new potatoes, grow some delicious first earlies, but if a filled jacket potato is more to your taste, then choose maincrop potatoes. Certified Seed Potatoes; Vegetable Seeds; Bulk Seed; Bare Rooted Berries; Other Seasonal Products; Flower Seeds; Lawn Seed / Fertilisers; Garden Products; Specials; Shopping Cart; Our Products. 03 5152 5988; Home; Shop. The home of high-quality certified seed potatoes sourced from Tasmania’s premier growers. Grow in cool to warm weather, avoid frost and hot summer weather. In 1895, Richard’s son William opened a shop in Bairnsdale selling seed and garden products. Delicious potato with exceptionally creamy flesh that is perfect boiled or baked, but one of the best for mashing. We are the potato seed suppliers that have Heirloom potato seed in addition to our other varieties. The beautifully illustrated Diggers Club Diary features a week to a page, seeds to sow each month, blank pages for seasonal observations, and handy pockets for your seed packets and plant labels, while The Diggers Calendar showcases stunning garden photography to inspire you throughout the entire year. One of our most popular varieties, the 'Kipfler' is a vigorous potato with delicious creamy yellow flesh. 4 years later he was growing and selling vegetable seeds. Keep checking back, we will be loading new varieties continuously. Ideal for mashing, baking, salads & gnocchi. We run a nationally accredited minituber facility where all our seed starts from. Plant in free draining compost or potting mix with some straw mixed in. We will automatically substitute a different variety when sold out, unless you indicate otherwise. The Jones family have been growing potatoes in Warragul in West Gippsland for four generations. Standing the test of time, this Heirloom farourite makes spectacular chips and fantastic roast spuds. Has been a popular commercial variety for decades due to ts ease of cultivation and an versatility in the kitchen.Suitable for chips, salads and mash. Bred in Victoria, this creamy white fleshed potato tastes fantastic. Our extensive potato selection ranges from recent releases to heirloom varieties, from early-maturing potatoes to late-maturing dry russets for storage, with a wide selection of colours, textures and mouth-watering flavours. balcony, then, edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals, Copyright © 2001 - 2020   Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies, Free Australian Organic Gardening E-Newsletter. Wonderful as roasted spuds, the creamy yellow flesh also ensures delicious mash. Produces a good yield of white-skinned short oval tubers that have a floury-textured white flesh. An all time favourite heirloom, their small size means they are unbeaten in salads or as 'new' boiled potatoes. We are continually harvesting our certified seed potatoes, ready to send out to help you grow your own chemical free spuds at home. Please wait while we process your request.. Flowering Collections 'This Goes With That'. It is a small cylindrical waxy potato with unusual purple-black, shiny skin and purple flesh. Tas grown. Products include, Flower and Vegetable Seed, Greenhouses, Seed Potatoes, Garden Equipment, Etc. They are hardy 10 gallon grow bags. Green Harvest specialises in plants which are. Packed under licence from VICSPA, This 1902 Heirloom potato has stood the test of time. We DNA test all our soil with PreDicta pt. Large pink, aging to burgundy flesh with a fluffy texture that makes a bright burgundy mash. Includes one bag each of ‘Pink Eye’, ‘Kipfler’, ‘King Edward’, ‘Dutch Cream’, ‘Nicola’ and ‘Purple Congo’. Retains colour when cooked. Buy online and plant some seed potatoes from our choices that including White Kennebec Seed Potatoes, Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes, Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes, Purple Majesty Seed Potatoes, and Banana Fingerling. Originally introduced to Australia from West Africa, most... MEMBERS SAVE 50% - Discover the delights of Autumn flowering bulbs! Potatoes are extremely easy to grow and a great way to supplement your other organically grown produce. With over 700 varieties vegetables seeds we offer one for the largest ranges of seeds in Australia including many heirloom varieties. Currently Agronico grow about 10,000 tonnes of seed potatoes, including public varieties such as Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet, Atlantic, Nicola, Kipfler and Maiflower in addition to various specialist varieties with seed being supplied to both processing and fresh market customers across Australia. Seed Potatoes View our wide range of seed potatoes and select your favourites. Don't have a garden? Made from UV protected woven materials they have a resealable window for easy harvest. Want to grow potatoes but don't have the room? Click here to learn how to care for your seed potatoes: Care sheet – Seed Potatoes.

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