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By coaxing a more orderly response from the top, this game-changing bracing design allows the 814ce … Ebony fingerboard and bridge. 3 A Guide to Taylor Acoustic Model Numbers Mos del by Sees ir / Png ci ir 4 Custom Program 8 Dimensions by Shape 9 Standard Model Options 10 ... 814ce Grand … A brand-new, compact steel-string, made in Taylor’s California factory. Our expert staff is ready to assist you, Join the Taylor family and enjoy exclusive owner benefits, Tap into our network of Taylor-certified repair technicians. While a standard rosewood 814 may have a slightly richer, deeper, bottom end, this guitar had a balance and lightning-fast response that gave it a highly refined character that is bound to please players looking for tonal sophistication. Taylor Guitars 2019 Taylor 814ce V-Class Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural w/Case. Made in USA. Type of Neck Joint Taylor Neck. I use to play drums and guitar until I broke my neck in a diving accident in 1991. Fans of Hawaiian koa’s vibrant sound will be excited to hear that it’s made its way into the 500 Series with this Grand Auditorium 514ce LTD. 814ce LTD. Back/Sides: Blackheart Sassafras Top: Sitka Spruce 814ce LTD (Front) 814ce LTD (Back) Our 800 Series Grand Auditorium 814ce guitar has always wowed players with its dynamic … $3,499.00 Quantity. Taylor 814ce (2019) Quantity: UPC: 00887766094944: Sku: 814ce: Add to Cart FREE SHIPPING Taylor's popular 814ce offers players the ultimate all-purpose guitar. Offering instruments based on standard models but with different woods or appointments, Fall Limiteds are great opportunities to get a Taylor that differs from the norm without having to make a custom order. Taylor smoked nickel tuning machines. If you would like to inquire about the availability of this guitar, please contact your local Taylor … Taylor 814ce Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020. by Taylor Guitars. Solid sassafras back and sides. Taylor 814ce LTD (2019) A Fall Limited edition of Taylor’s popular grand auditorium, built with sassafras back and sides. Details about Taylor 814ce DLX V-Class 2019. Great sound acoustically and amplified and is impressive to look at as well. The Deluxe edition 814ce boasts incredible sustain, greater presence, and smoothly articulate playability, making this guitar worthy of the Taylor name. Hawaiian koa and Western red cedar is a delightful tonewood combination that we haven’t utilized in years, so getting to pair them up in this limited edition Grand Concert was an exciting opportunity. Its chameleonic nature means it’s very player-reflective, so your individual style will elicit a unique sound from this 814ce LTD. Aesthetically, this model shares some appointments with our standard 800 Series lineup, including rosewood edge trim on the top and mother-of-pearl fretboard inlays in our Element pattern. The 8 in 814ce refers to the 800 Series with its Indian rosewood back and sides and its upscale appointments. Taylor 814ce Deluxe V-Class Bracing Acoustic Electric Guitar 2019 | eBay Taylor's 814ce DLX is a grand auditorium size guitar that now features the new V-Class bracing system. A Classic Reconsidered While a cursory glance may lead you to believe that the latest 814ce … $3,999 street. Don’t worry—you haven’t accidentally picked up an old issue. The 814ce-SB is not currently offered as a standard production model. A revolutionary design that balances the flexibility and stability of the top, V-Class bracing produces unmatched sustain, volume, and intonation. Taylor has built mid-size grand auditorium guitars with a lot of different woods, but this edition of the 814ce LTD is the first non-custom Taylor built with blackheart sassafras back and sides. But this guitar performed its duties with a dynamic response, clarity, and tonal elasticity that stood out, and I found it hard to put down. Taylor Guitars is introducing a completely new bracing system with its V-Class bracing. Item Information. I have played dozens of Taylor 814’s and their variations in the last 20 years, and while different eras have brought their own variation on the fundamental sonic signature of the model, this 814ce LTD is significantly different from all of them. Sourced in Tasmania, sassafras is a light-colored wood, and the “blackheart” variety includes dramatic streaks and figure. Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 814ce-2019 Warranties and Docs + Taylor Warranty. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. 2019 US PRICE LIST & SPECIFICATIONS. Description; Our flagship Grand Auditorium now boasts even more … With the debut of its comprehensive redesign in 2014, master guitar designer Andy Powers took what was already Taylor… Taylor 814ce LTD (2019) Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. A solid Sitka spruce top delivers its characteristic presence and shimmer, pairing beautifully with sassafras’ unique sonic profile: the focused clarity of maple, the midrange warmth of mahogany, and the top-end sparkle of rosewood. Brought to life by you, Tips for finding the right electric guitar, Compare videos and specs for multiple guitars, Explore innovative designs that open musical paths for guitar players of all styles, Free eBook download to help find the perfect guitar for you, All the video help you'll need to find your perfect guitar, Explore our guitars with videos by series, woods, and features, The stories that make Taylor guitars the best in the world, Learn through expert reviews, shootouts, demos, and more, Questions? 1¾-inch nut width. Taylor’s mahogany and cedar grand auditorium now features V-Class bracing. Offered is this marvelous Taylor 814CE Deluxe V-Brace built in 2019. This year, Taylor is offering Fall Limiteds in the 200, 500, and 800 series (we’ll be demoing models from each series in the coming weeks), and in this video, I introduce the 814ce LTD, a variation on one of Taylor’s most popular models. The 814CE Deluxe is a 14-fret Grand Auditorium-sized … Solid Sitka spruce top. There may be an authorized Taylor dealer with this instrument in stock. I'm selling a beautiful Taylor 814ce V Class Grand Auditorium Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Taylor smoked nickel. The 814ce DLX (2019) is not currently offered as a standard production model. Subscribe now for emails with guitar giveaways and prizes, cool deals, guitar news and more from Taylor Guitars! Taylor adds a Florentine cutaway to its rosewood grand symphony model. Taylor 814ce is a really good, bold, rosewood acoustic-electric guitar with outstanding intonation and Taylor’s characteristic easy playability.If you’re looking for a relatively expensive acoustic-electric, you should give the Taylor 814ce … If you have additional warranty questions, please … This guitar is brand new. The instrument’s appointments stick closely to the standard 800-series recipe, which includes Taylor’s “Element” fingerboard inlay, an abalone rosette, and a wood pickguard. Taylor 814ce DLX V-Class 2019. A great mandolin duet of Sarah Jarosz’s original tune, recorded live at the Marshall Mandolin Summit. Our commitment to a great playing experience covers every detail of a guitar. Serial # dated 2019 but just delivered new in 2020...The ebony fingerboard is gorgeous with lots of color and the … Often, our limited edition guitars are an opportunity to try out an exceptional or unique set of tonewoods, and that’s the case with this 814ce LTD. Built with back and sides of stunning blackheart sassafras, this Grand Auditorium’s organic beauty and vibrant tone demand attention. $213 for 24 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment … The Expression System® 2 captures more of a guitar’s dynamic properties using a breakthrough behind-the-saddle design. Taylor’s signature shape embodies the ultimate all-purpose acoustic. Taylor describes the wood’s tonal properties as “blending low-end warmth and dryness, top-end chime, and strong, focused projection.” The wood on our demo guitar was striking and distinctive, setting the guitar apart not only from other Taylors, but most guitars. The rounded or radius-edged top … An 814 wouldn’t be an 814 if it wasn’t a highly versatile guitar at home with every steel-string guitar style, and I’m happy to report that this LTD is no different. Venetian cutaway for upper fret access. 25.5-inch scale. Compare another guitar by looking at a side by side comparison. V-Class bracing. Sarah Jarosz and Mike Marshall: “Mansinneedof” | Northfield Mandolins. Solid Sitka spruce top. SKU: 814ce LTD (2019) $3,999.00) Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. I have had my new Taylor 814ce DLX since March 14th: outstanding guitar in every way thus far. A Fall Limited edition of Taylor’s popular grand auditorium, built with sassafras back and sides. Lindsay Petsch plays these two similar looking but very different sounding guitars. The 1 indicates it is a 6 … However, instead of the standard maple binding, the 814ce LTD’s binding is black ebony, which contrasts nicely with the light sassafras. If there was one guitar that embodies the spirit of Taylor Guitars, it is the 814ce… 25.5-inch scale. Condition: Used. Brand / Model: Taylor 814ce DLX with V-Class Bracing 2019 _____ Descriptions: This luxurious rosewood/spruce acoustic-electric Grand Auditorium reaches new levels of performance thanks to our patented V-Class bracing. If you would like to inquire about the availability of this guitar, please contact your local Taylor dealer or call us at 1-800-943-6782 … Start here for an easy overview of our acoustic line, Explore the design details of all current Taylor models, Solid woods and V-Class bracing meet exceptional value, Learn more about our revolutionary bracing system, The sleeker, more compact sibling of the original T5, The versatile semi-hollowbody with coil-splitting & more, Your dream Taylor electric. Taylor’s annual run of Fall Limited guitars, a tradition that goes back almost 20 years, is highly anticipated by serious fans of the company. $3,999.00. This is an improved version of one of the flagship models of the Taylor guitar line. Whether it piques your curiosity due to its unusual looks or its hot-rodded sound, this is a Fall Limited to check out while it’s available! There may be an authorized Taylor dealer with this instrument in stock. Taylor 814ce LTD (2019) Taylor. 814ce LTD (2019) Often, our limited edition guitars are an opportunity to try out an exceptional or unique set of tonewoods, and that’s the case with this 814ce LTD. 1¾-inch nut width. A Year After Its Debut, The New 814ce Gets A Review. Expression System 2 electronics. SPECS: Grand auditorium body with cutaway. Here’s a gently used and near mint 2019 Taylor 814ce grand auditorium, with a sitka top and East Indian rosewood back and sides. Built with back and sides of stunning … Add to Cart. If you would like to inquire about the availability of this guitar, please contact your local Taylor dealer or call us at 1-800-943-6782 … The guitar includes Taylor’s acclaimed V-Class top bracing, and has the slanted back bracing used on several Taylor models. A classic koa Taylor is updated with V-Class bracing. Average User Rating: 9.5/10. … *Models are subject to change without notice. The sloping peak of the cutaway will vary depending on the shape of the guitar. Price: US $5,109.00. SPECS: Grand auditorium body with cutaway. The 814ce LTD may surprise you even if you think you know Taylor 814’s. Taylor’s deluxe rosewood grand auditorium now includes V-Class bracing. The Venetian cutaway is known for its soft, round lines. Original hardshell case included. Find everything you need to make music. Discover the features that make this guitar unique. Top of the line Taylor … tuning machines. CUSTOMER SERVICE UNITED STATES & CANADA 1-800-943-6782, CUSTOMER SERVICE EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL +31 (0)20 667 6033, Copyright © 2012-2020 TAYLOR-LISTUG, INC. All Rights Reserved / ACTUAL PRICES ARE SET BY GLOBAL DEALERS. The Taylor 814 has become a modern classic, its origin dating back to the dawn of the company, when Bob Taylor’s hands crafted each instrument. V-Class bracing. The 814ce V-Class (2019) is not currently offered as a standard production model. This Taylor cutaway grand auditorium model looks awfully familiar because it is. Expression System 2 electronics. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. There may be an authorized Taylor dealer with this instrument in stock. Comfortable neck carve and V Class bracing. Bold striping caused by fungus makes blackheart a rare and stunningly beautiful wood.

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