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September is a great time to visit — not too cold yet, but the tourist crowds won’t be as big as in the summer months yet. Thank you in advance!!! For example, the whole of Scotland fits into half of the Sate of Victorian in Australia so we are used to travelling long distances to go places but I believe the travel time is quitr different over there. I’ve outlined the average costs in the article above, but if you can provide me with some more details so I can help you further, please don’t hesitate to contact me Cheers! Get discount airfare from flights to airports in Scotland. On average, these will be the cheapest dates to fly to MQL and stay in a Scotland hotel: The absolute cheapest time to take a vacation in Scotland is usually mid August. We are open to any and all recommendations. Hope you’re able to have a great trip! Discount Golf Tours is a company dedicated to providing our clientele with the highest quality Scotland golf vacation packages at extremely competitive and affordable prices. A meal in a restaurant will set you back around 20 GBP per person. Travel in Scotland. How much will a trip to Scotland cost? However, if you do want to throw in a few paid experiences to your Scotland travel budget, here’s what to expect to pay. It is very easy here in Australia. Popular destinations in Scotland Prices are based on round trip travel and hotel stay per traveler. Ireland is a difficult country to travel in on a very small budget, but it is possible to limit expenses in some areas to limit the overall cost of your trip to Ireland. We like to use to hunt for the best deal! startDate.setDate(startDate.getDate() + 30); It may not appear big but it can take hours to get to places. After over a year of travel in Asia we were really looking forward to visiting the UK for some family time, home comforts and an exciting Scotland trip … Hi, we are looking into a trip to Scotland to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo in August 2022, our wish is to bring along our 4 adult children and two grandchildren, ages then will he 16 and 13…..looking at rentals thru homeaway for a week, what is your opinion of what our budget should be, will be needing transportation as well. If you wish to cover a lot of ground on your own schedule and maybe add a few off-beat destinations to your list, I would highly recommend that you hire a car. Thanks for your comment! You have to eat multiple times every day and, unfortunately, that tends to take a toll on your wallet and your travel budget. Book online or call 800-227-3235. Keep in mind that a manual transmission is more affordable, there are often weekly discounts, and it’s almost always cheaper to pick up and return the car at the same place. The decision of which regions to visit on your Scotland golf trip will have a significant impact on its overall cost. Click here to see data for the cost of flights from your airport. Wild Camping in Scotland. Maggie is a co-founder and writer for The World Was Here First. When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home. Below is more or less the minimum you can expect to spend per person per day on a trip to Scotland, assuming that you’re travelling as a couple or with friends and have rented a car and are splitting accommodation and transport costs. If you’re keen to get a nice meal during your Scotland trip, lunch is a great time to do this as many higher-end restaurants offer pretty good lunch specials where you can get a two- or three-course meal for around £15 – 20. While many museums in Scotland are free to enter, there are some historical sites that do charge an entry fee, such as the Edinburgh Castle. You can find more information on visiting Scotland during the Covid-19 recovery phases. Like most elsewhere in the world, accommodation will (most likely) leave the biggest dent in your Scotland travel budget. Like pretty much everywhere else in the world, your most budget-friendly food option would be heading to a supermarket and cooking for yourself. The cost of staying in Scotland is much higher than the average city. Scotland sounds cheaper then here in Hawai’i. endDate.setDate(endDate.getDate() + 37); Just make sure to save your receipts! I think hiring a campervan could be a good option — you can still pull over almost anywhere for the night and it won’t be nearly as chilly as staying in a tent. Most of the basic tours offered by distilleries will cost around £10 and will include at least one dram of whisky for a tasting. That’s an interesting point about wild camping! I honestly have no idea if there is a fee to drive from England to Scotland, but my gut tells me there isn’t. For the purpose of this article I have compared flight prices in the spring (not yet high season, b… I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the most popular accommodation options in Scotland — camping. Popular destinations in Scotland Prices are based on round trip travel and hotel stay per traveler. That was one thing that really blew up the budget. The lowest cost for one person to visit Scotland for a week is $625-$1,600($89-$229 per day), Food, Travel, and Sightseeing: $25 to $49 per day for one person’s daily expenses, Lodging: $58 to $65 per night for one 1-star hotel room, or $20 to $40 per night for a 1-bed vacation rental, The lowest cost for a couple to visit Scotland for a week is $1,130-$2,810($161-$401 per day), Food, Travel, and Sightseeing: $50 to $98 per day for two people’s daily expenses, The lowest cost for 4 people to visit Scotland for a week is $2,188-$5,620($313-$803 per day), Food, Travel, and Sightseeing: $100 to $196 per day for four people’s daily expenses, Lodging: $116 to $130 per night for two 1-star hotel rooms, or $28 to $64 per night for a 2-bed vacation rental. MakeMyTrip currently offers over 5 tour packages to Scotland, with prices starting as low as Rs.82894.0. I’m planning a road trip in Scotland this summer and your post has provided lots of inspiration we’re thinking of camping to really keep the budget it down, but by the looks of it you still did it pretty cheap! Trip to Ireland Cost: Transport. While Dublin is known for Guinness and its dynamic tech scene, Edinburgh is known for its impressive castle and the fascinating Old Town. 1-star hotels are more likely to be available, with rooms starting at around $58. It can be achieved on a shoestring or you could spend a King’s ransom. We will be renting a car and driving from Salisbury. Price range is on the bottom (x) axis. Glasgow, rather than Edinburgh, often sees the best deals for airfare and a couple of North American airlines including Air Transat and West Jet, offer seasonal flights here at affordable rates. Entry into major sites like many of the Castles in Ireland, the cliffs of Moher, or Giants Causeway cost anywhere from €5 to €15. Popular destinations in Scotland Prices are based on round trip travel and hotel stay per traveller. It is definitely better to do it in the summer months though . Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a560346df06508f560d863626f1f334d" );document.getElementById("ded16ff0ee").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 The World Was Here First • All rights reserved. Thanks again . Buying your train tickets to Scotland in advance is the easiest and fastest way to find cheap fares. It’s a secluded route that takes you along the stunning North Coast and through the Northern Highlands, where you’ll experience the natural beauty of Scotland. Median flight price is $293. We also paid for the Hop on/Hop off pass for 3 days in London as well. //end of date range Hi Steven, I think that renting a motorhome is a great way to see England and Scotland! Thanks Travel to Scotland your way. This post is part of the West Coast Waters campaign and focuses on Wild About Argyll.Regions all along the west coast of Scotland have joined forces to promote the country’s beautiful west coast from Argyll to Wester Ross. Just as in the United States, the cost of Scotland golf varies. Hope you have a great trip . Please note that there are restrictions on travel during evening peak periods and on specific routes, so it’s always best to check your route and station before travelling. 25% of our users found tickets to Scotland for the following prices or less: From Aarhus $148 one-way - $208 round-trip, from Aalborg $555 round-trip, from Dallas $573 one-way - $716 round-trip High season is considered to be January, February and December. Whether you are looking for Scotland packages for a family or a couple, whether you need escorted Scotland tour packages for your parents or an offbeat Scotland vacation for yourself, MakeMyTrip can help you sort out your Scotland trip plan. Travelling in Scotland inspires images of lush green cascading hills dotted with purple heather, of enormous, mysterious monsters dwelling in the depths of a loch, of ancient, mystical standing stones, and of enjoying a golden, smokey whisky among the backdrop of a stormy sea. In Scotland, the journey is just as good as the destination. I'm going to Scotland for a year, and I want to know how much it's going to cost me for a plane there, and maybe how much a place to stay will be and where could I find a job. My partner and I are travelling to Scotland for approximately 17 days. The average price for the class of hotel is on the (y) axis. ; United Kingdom: Explore the historic Dublin and go sightseeing in Glasgow. I don’t believe this applies to all countries but the US has a form to fill out in the airport. Find cheap return or one-way flights to Scotland from $42 only. Thanks for your comment, Bonnie. No trip to Scotland is complete without visiting Edinburgh Castle, so you may as well start with it! Let us know in the comments! I would choose to either spend time in Cornwall or in Scotland. This is just for your daily costs in Scotland and doesn’t include things like flights. If it’s been more than 24 hours, your hotel, airline or … We are a family of 6 heading over for 5 weeks next year in May for a family reunion. On average, you can expect to spend about £30 per day on a car hire. A fine dining restaurant with drinks around Scotland can easily cost $370 per person or more, while a standard nice meal might be about $25 per person. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. Also, things do take longer than you might anticipate, especially the more rural you get. Travelling around Scotland is definitely a bit more affordable than Hawaii, but I think you’ll find the weather isn’t quite so nice Hope you’re able to do the trip in the near future! (1 of those week will be split between Paris and London). You can expect an average trip to Scotland cost to be £55 per person per day (approximately $73 USD). About 1% of rentals are available in the $0 to $100 range for an entire place, and vacation rentals can be booked for as low as $20 per night. There was a 20% tax on rooms! Do you, guys, know if there is s fee when crossing the border to Scotland? Camping may not be an option. Megan Allen. Thanks for the info, it was very helpful. We would like to travel to Scotland by our own car. Thanks for your comment, Suruchi. There is no true ceiling on the cost of a luxury trip, so our estimates are based on what most people do in Scotland. While the UK has certainly never been considered a destination that is particularly friendly to the budget-conscious, visiting Scotland can actually be more affordable than many other European destinations. Find affordable prices for your next vacation to Scotland. Your trip to Scotland with Trafalgar will be marked by long days steeped in charming scenery and vibrant history, topped off with rustic cuisine still adored many centuries after its birth. That will give you more flexibility to see some things in the surrounding area (like Loch Ness and Culloden) without having to spend the cash on an organised day tour. Edinburgh Tours. var Latitude=-32.12456222;var Longitude=143.4407401;var rootSlug='scotland';var PlaceName='Scotland';var ThePlace='Scotland';var AirportCode='MQL';//start of date range So whether you fancy a whistle stop tour of all the major landmarks, an opportunity to enjoy the city at your leisure, or a chance to the dazzling Scottish crown jewels housed in Edinburgh castle then check out our tours of this fabulous city. Ireland and Scotland Tours & Trips 2020/2021 Ireland and Scotland are filled with plenty of historic and modern sites. We found the cost of petrol to be similar throughout the UK whether you were in Glasgow, Edinburgh or London. Hello, thanks for the great article. I am so excited about it! Ireland & Scotland vacation packages. Do you have an idea of how difficult it is to find places to pull off to the side of the road? I’m in the beginning stages of planning a 14 day trip to Scotland for 3 adults. These are the best fares found by travelers who searched Tripadvisor in the past recent weeks. A Scotland vacation package makes it easy to arrange your perfect trip. Thanks for your comment, Karly!, The Best Coat for London Winter (or Spring & Autumn! Whether you are looking for Scotland packages for a family or a couple, whether you need escorted Scotland tour packages for your parents or an offbeat Scotland vacation for yourself, MakeMyTrip can help you sort out your Scotland trip plan. The area has more variance in price compared with other locations. Hi , I will be traveling to Edinburgh and Glasgow for two days each so can u please tell me about the total pound Sterlings will be needed for two persons. As for driving times, I think that what you have planned is doable in 4 weeks, however, it will be very rushed and probably exhausting. I haven’t done this myself, but there are lots of companies out there where you can find a decent price for that, and you still get the benefit of being out in nature without having to “rough it” while wild camping in a tent. So is Scotland expensive? Costs vary wildly, so recommendations are made based on the cost of living and averages we see for this type of vacation. Outside of the big cities, Ireland is a country that is really best seen by car.Public transport exists, but it’s pricey and it can be infrequent, especially if you want to spend some time in more rural areas and want to get a bit off the beaten path. That being said, I don’t think you should have any trouble finding a place to park for the night — whether that be on the side of a country road or at a caravan campsite. You will almost never find a bus or train ticket, no matter the distance, for under £20 (one way) if booking on the day. But how much do you need to factor for food in your total trip to Scotland cost? I hope this helps and you and your family have a great trip! Hey Michelle, as I have only ever wild camped in a tent and not in a campervan/motorhome, I’m not well-versed in the nuances of Scotland’s policies.

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