Smart Bosses & Intelligent Employees: Sharing Strategies and Creating Feedback Mechanisms – Part 1

By Kelly Vandever

Yes, your team knows you’re smart.

But so are they.

Are you setting up conditions to let them show you how smart they are?


Are You Willing to Let Your Brilliant Strategy Stand Up to Scrutiny?

As a leader, you’re going to come up with brilliant ideas.  Then what do you do?

When you bring a new strategy or idea to your teams, do you transparently share what you’re doing and why? Do you trust them enough to speak the whole truth?

Are you open to hearing their truth?  Do you encourage them to poke holes in your ideas to make it even better?

Bob Fritz was an executive with Eastman Kodak when they developed digital photography… and when resisted deploying the digital photography that they’d developed.  He definitely learned a lot about discussing the undiscussable at work.  (Hear my podcast interview with Bob here.)

Employees want to be part of a successful plan.  They have thoughts.  Bob shared with me the questions.  Using these questions can give your team a safe way to speak up.  Ask these questions of your people.  Encourage them to honestly evaluate your brilliant idea.

“What’s going to be the most challenging part to execute this plan?”

“We’re 6 months into executing the strategic plan, it went horribly wrong. What happened?”

If you’re willing to ask these questions, put aside your ego, and listen to what your employees have to say, you’ll really end up with truly the most brilliant ideas in the end.


Need Help Shifting the Tide?

If you’ve tried asking the questions and aren’t getting results, let’s see if we can work together to see why that is.

Contact Kelly Vandever at Kelly . Vandever @ for a consultation.



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