Plays Well with Others

Collaboration as Your Competitive Advantage


In a recent survey of technology executives, the number one leadership challenge identified was overcoming the politics, turf wars and egos that are killing collaboration.

Frameworks built on scarcity cause negative behaviors:  Hoarding knowledge and information.  Protecting your own self-interest at the expense of the larger organization.  Even deceit.

In today’s workplace, with the unrelenting pace of change and the crushing weight of information overload, no one person and no one group can survive, let alone thrive, without collaborating with leaders, colleagues, clients, vendors, outsiders, and even at times competitors.

So how can you play well with others?  How can you collaborate in ways that make you and the entire organization stronger?  By being professionally human.

In this highly interactive, engaging keynote, you will learn:

  • The tenants of a professionally human approach to work
  • Where you, your staff and your organization’s culture lie on the self-interest versus collaboration continuum
  • “Best-practices” that lead to worst results
  • Strategies for creating greater collaboration
  • Techniques to get you back on track when you fall back into old habits

The complexity of the technology industry today screams for better solutions.  Don’t settle for getting by.  Step up for superior results by infusing collaboration in your organization.


Motorcycles, Management & Metaphors

Lessons from the World of Motorcycling that Will Help Your Organization Improve Agility, Increase Collaboration, Facilitate Innovation, and Delight Customers


Business is complex, so of course we created subgroups to better manage the work.  The problem is, we just never quite figured out how to maintain a holistic approach while doing so.  The results?  Duplicated efforts.  Disjointed communications with clients.  Not to mention that within the organization, no one can tell what anyone else is doing!

At the pace of business today, we can’t remain silo-ed and properly serve our clients or keep our staffs from losing their minds.  We need a better way.  Hence, the motorcycle, management, metaphor.

Motorcycling and management both require skills, nuance, and a degree of bravery.  In this program, we get uncomfortable.   We break the chain-of-command.  We facilitate communications across groups.  We engage technology.

Trying to exercise control and have perfect information will hinder you from being the leader you need to be in order to succeed in today’s mind-blowingly fast-paced world.  Plus we grossly underestimate the capabilities of our people to solve problems.

In this keynote, you’ll experience new approaches to connecting and communicating that will forever change your ability to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  And have fun doing it!


Storytelling Is Serious Business

Using Stories to Improve Your Leadership, Teamwork, and Business Results 


Stories capture our attention when we read books or watch shows. But could stories actual provide value in the workplace?

The short answer, is YES!  Stories help us communicate messages in powerful, memorable ways. Stories make the abstract concrete. Stories create legends, inspire action, and change the way people feel, think, and act.

And sharing personal and work stories are ways we can fast track getting to know someone as a person. It’s hard to be a jerk to someone you know as a person.

In this interactive session, you’ll discover why stories work and how you can tell an effective story, even if you’re not a natural storyteller.  You will…

  • Learn what makes stories work
  • See how using stories can positively impact your leadership, teamwork, and business
  • Uncover and craft personal and organizational stories
  • Apply a framework to effectively tell stories
  • Learn the 3 critical factors to an engaging story

When leadership, teamwork, and results are important, don’t leave it to chance.  Stories are serious business.