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The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set is packed with two glass mugs, two cookie cages, two pairs of cookie tongs (to facilitate dunking), two napkins, and a pack of 13 Oreo cookies. (In fact, one of our favorite Instagram foodies, Markie_Devo shared a post featuring one of these kits after a visit to his local Five Below, just in case you wanted further proof of where to snag one of these.). Walmart just brought back the ultra popular Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set, and it usually sells out within a matter of days each year. Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set! Delish editors handpick every product we feature. You can get your very own at Riteaid!. The set … The Heart Box Oreo Cookie Dunking Set, which currently seems to only be available on Walmart's website, contains several sweet (both literally and figuratively) items for you and your love. This comes with 3 Oreo pouches, Oreo mug, cookie cage, Oreo cookie tong, and Oreo napkins! This Oreo Set Has All The Tools For Dunking, This Heart-Shaped Oreo Dunking Kit Is A V-Day Must. Because this clutch Oreo dunking set is now being sold at Walmart for $17.98, and its technically advanced tools will help you avoid coming into contact with your cookies for the rest of eternity. There are few things that go together as well as milk and Oreos, but there’s a trick to getting the mix right. * Each set comes with its own dunking station. Your privacy is safe with us. Skillet cookie kits and other treats are making their way to stores already, and praise be, because the crazy-popular Oreo Ultimate Dunking Sets from last year are returning again in 2020. The best gift for all OREO® dunkers, this set includes a custom cookie cage, mug and dunking tongs to help you master your OREO® dunking skills. According to People , the dunking set … Gear My Account My Orders Sign Out Contact Us Sign In. Search Meals & Cooking The kit comes with two ceramic Oreo mugs, an ice cream scooper, reusable straws, an Oreo milkshake recipe, and two small packs … The gift set retails at $17.98. Oreo Dunking Kits are back in stores for the holidays Oreo is doing it again! … Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Food and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Not only is this a fun gift, but it is also an affordable one, which is definitely something that is exciting for those of us looking to do our holiday shopping on a budget. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Disney's Newest Dole Whip Is Served In A Pineapple, Watch The Kardashians Prank Their Celeb Friends, Carrie Underwood Has A New Christmas Special, The Most Popular Food TikTok Trends In 2020, Marey Carey Has Her Own Line Of Cookies Now, Customer Leaves $3,000 Tip For A Restaurant Staff, Prince George's Favorite Meal Is Very Grown-Up. So people were excited when it was restocked at the end of last year.Now you can get the Frankford dunking set in a … And one place you can snag these epic kits is none other than Walmart! Cookies and milk are always a valid dessert but there's something about the winter and holiday season that really gets people in the mood for sweets. Oreo is doing it again! Let's be real—this year more than ever we all recognize the importance of clean hands. Our New Cookie Tins Are The Sweetest Gift, You Can Buy Baby Yoda Macarons At Williams Sonoma. This comes with 3 Oreo pouches, Oreo mug, cookie cage, Oreo cookie tong, and Oreo napkins! Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set. OREO Cookie Ultimate Dunking Set OREO Double Stuff Winter Cookies OREO Cookie "Twist, Lick, Dunk" Pillow Gingerbread Flavored OREO Cookies OREO Cookie Socks. Here's where things get innovative. They are bringing back their Dunking Kits for the holidays, making them a perfect gift for the cookie lovers in all of us. The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set comes with 13 Oreo cookies, two glass mugs, two cookie “cages,” two cookie tongs and 2 napkins for “days of dunking fun,” according to the box. 0 reviews Write a review. Oreo Dunking Dunk Set Cookie Cage, Cookies & Tong Exp 2/21 Holiday Gift Set Usad. This content is imported from Instagram. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. The ultimate Oreo dunk set is a holiday-time favorite sold exclusively at Walmart that makes dunking those tasty cookies so easy you can do it while sliding down a chimney, probably. 64008. This fun gift set includes thirteen Oreo cookies, two glass mugs, two cookie cages, two cookie tongs, and two napkins. Two cookie dunking lovers, like so many others out there,took it upon themselves and created a cookie dunking device that does just that! Walmart. Last Year's Viral Oreo Dunking Kit Is Back at Walmart and on Amazon! The Dunk Set for 2 includes 2 Oreo branded glass mugs and Oreo branded Tongs to keep your fingers clean while dunking your Oreos!

The kit includes two glass mugs, two cookie tongs, two napkins, two cookie cages and 13 Oreo … We do suggest hitting up the grocery store some point soon though, because Oreos with red creme filling are out for the holidays and they'd pair perfectly with the Ultimate Dunking Set, am I wrong? Friday favorite: For sweet and tasty snacks, Brazil is where it’s at, Burger King and Coca-Cola are making Homegating fun and affordable in November, 25 best fast food chains in America right now, 20 greatest McDonald’s menu items of all-time, 20 restaurants that will ruin your New Year’s Resolution, Friday favorite: For sweet and tasty snacks, Brazil is where it's at, Kiss Cams Apparently Still a Thing Nowadays, Cheetos is giving us an old-school popcorn tin for the holidays, Breyers knows how to deliver the magic with the help of Reese's, Esther the Wonder Pig debuts new limited edition cupcakes that are still for sale. You can get your very own at … $4.50. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Plus OREO… Item No. Designed by The Frankford Company, the set — which quickly went viral when it was launched last year — contains 13 Oreo cookies, two clear glass mugs, two cookie stackers, and two … It was this perfectly packaged gift that I never knew I needed. Oreo Dunking Dunk Set, Cookie Cage, Cookies & Tong Nabisco Frankford Exp. OREO® Ultimate Dunking Gift Set. Last year was the first time I came across the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set in Walmart. BUY NOW! Dunk too fast and you won’t get the right texture; dunk too long and your Oreo… The Dunk Set for two includes two Oreo-branded glass mugs and Oreo-branded tongs to keep your fingers clean while dunking your Oreos!" The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set has returned to Walmart for $17.98. And sometimes I get goodies like this that are just a lot of fun. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. The set, per Walmart's website, comes with 13 Oreo cookies and two glass mugs. Free shipping You've been waiting for this! Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set, $17.98; walmart.com The Oreo Dunk kit is the perfect unique holiday gift for anyone who loves the classic cookies, or just wants a fun family … If that lovey description wasn't cute enough for you, don't worry because there's also a heart-shaped Oreo … The beloved set disappeared in the blink of an eye after its … The key though is the Heart shaped Oreo caddy that clips to the mugs to hold them together to keep you close to your Valentine Oreo … And of course, there is always Walmart if you are already doing your shopping there. One of the perks of my job is getting to try things out to write about them. Have you seen these Dunking Kits in store? Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Of course it is the Oreo Dunking Kit. According to Delish, you can snag one of these kits right on Amazon for $16.99, while Five Below has a smaller kit that will likely cost you around that magic $5 mark. It includes a mug for your milk, a "cookie cage" that clips onto your mug and helps you stack your Oreos, a cookie tong so you can dip your cookies without using your hands, a napkin, and three packages of Oreo cookies to get you started. Overall I think it’s a … Condition is "New". 2/2020. Make it with OREO. Oreo makes Ultimate Dunking Sets that come with a mug, cookie cage, tongs, a napkin, and three packages of cookies so you can snack with no mess. This gift set … OREO Cookie Dunking set. Today’s mail day was definitely smile-worthy and I am definitely excited for homemade ice cream sandwiches. If the initial release was any indication, they will fly off shelves and you will be sad when you see that they’re all gone. They are bringing back their Dunking Kits for the holidays, making them a perfect gift for the cookie lovers in … The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set is unique. OREOiD . The … The Oreo Dunking Set is back again for the 2020 holiday season Just like the previous sets, this one will come with napkins, a pair of glass mugs equipped with cages and tongs for the cookies. A post shared by Snack Betch (@snackbetch). With OREOiD, you can customize your own OREO … When on a dunk … Red Creme-Filled Oreos Are Here For The Holidays, Oreo Has New Gingerbread Cookies For The Holidays, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Alexis Morillo is the Editorial Fellow at Delish.com where she covers breaking food news and viral food trends. @Snackbetch found the kits again this year at Walmart and for now you can order them online from Amazon if you're trying to get it ASAP. This comes with 3 Oreo pouches, Oreo mug, cookie cage, Oreo cookie tong, and Oreo napkins! Not only did it come with two sleeves of Oreo cookies, but there was also a set of glass mugs, a cage for the cookies, and a set of tongs to make it easy to dunk that cookie into a glass of milk. This contraption includes a mug to hold your ice cold milk, a sleeve to contain your Oreo cookies, and … Once you use The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Set, you'll never go back. And while we can still get it at Walmart, just like last year, I will admit that I have also seen these kits in other stores, including Five Below. Fast forward to the kick off of holiday season 2020, and guess what is back in stores? For all the Oreo fanatics out there… Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set! Like the Dunking Set, this product is exclusively available at Walmart. The Oreo Dunking Set comes with a transparent glass mug for holding milk, a sleeve that attaches right to the mug for holding tons of Oreo cookies, along with a little set of tongs that allow you to easily dip your cookies into the milk without dirtying your hands. OREO by you. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set, $17.98; walmart.com The Oreo Dunk kit is the perfect unique holiday gift for anyone who loves the classic cookies, or just wants a fun family activity. walmart.com. OREO Cookie Ultimate Dunking set. #ChipsAhoy #Oreo #GuiltyEats #WritersLife #MailDay #writersofinstagram #LoveWhatYouDo #walmartfinds, A post shared by Kimberley Spinney (@kdspinney) on Dec 30, 2019 at 2:23pm PST. Oreo first came out with a dunking set in 2018, which quickly sold out. In addition to … For all the Oreo fanatics out there... Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set! Have you tried one for yourself? Complete with cookies, a mug, cookie cage, tongs and a napkin, this kit is sure to be a hit at any party or sleepover. Plus, it even comes with three mini pouches of Oreo … $17.99. Accessories; Apparel; Home; SHOP FEATURED. MugBros Funny Life's Short Eat the Oreos novelty coffee mug Buy It! Say hello to the “Dunking Buddy!” Whether you consider yourself to be a "Big-Time" cookie dunker or dipper, or just casually love to dunk cookies, the Dunking … Each set comes with everything you need to enjoy milk's favorite cookie in the most mess-free way possible. Shipped with USPS First Class. These kits are perfect for cookie lovers and Oreo fans alike, and the fact that it comes with everything you need for a night of sweet, snacking goodness just means that these are going to be a hit with whoever gets these. Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set Twin Pack 5oz Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Ultimate Oreo Dunking Set - 2 Mugs and Dunking Tongs Set Includes 13 Oreo Cookies, 2 Mugs, 2 Cookie Cages, 2 Cookie Tongs and 2 Napkins Glass Mug with Plastic Tongs and Cookie Cage to Hold Oreos … Although it might seem easier to just use your hands to dunk your Oreo, think about all of those times you dropped your cookie into the milk by accident, or when you held it in the milk for too long and it got soggy and fell apart. OREO Cookie Dunking set. Do you think these make a good gift? Give the gift of yum this holiday season with the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Gift Set. Cakes, … Tell us what you think in the comments. The gift set includes 13 Oreo Cookies, 2 glass mugs, 2 cookie cages, 2 cookie tongs and 2 themed paper napkins.

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