Who’s the Real Teacher?

Meet Kelly’s Teacher


By Kelly Vandever


We were sitting in a classroom when our facilitator asked, “Who’s the real teacher?”

His answer, “The motorcycle.”


Allow me to provide some context.

The classroom contained several individuals, including myself, who were there because we wanted to teach others how to ride motorcycles.


Our facilitator continued, “You’re called RiderCoaches (that’s the title the Motorcycle Safety Foundation gives those of us who teach others to ride) because you’re coaching the riders, but the motorcycle is the real teacher.  They have to learn to listen to it.”

He made an interesting point.

There are some things you don’t get better at without doing them.  Riding a motorcycle is one of those things.  All the explanation and prodding in the world is no substitute for actually riding a motorcycle.

Are there parts of your organization where this applies too?


Who, Or What, Is the Real Teacher in Your Organization?

As leaders, we sometimes think we can give thorough instructions and save people the heartache of having to learn from their own mistakes.

But are we the best teacher?

Are there times when maybe our employees need to learn to listen to their equivalent of a motorcycle?

Can you give your employee more leeway so they can learn and grow for themselves?

Many of us believe that if people learn the lessons for themselves, the lessons have a greater impact, are more meaningful, and the lessons last longer.  Could that make sense for your employees too?


Comment below with your thoughts!




Kelly Vandever is a leadership and communications expert who helps leaders and organizations thrive in today’s attention-deficit, entertain-me-now, wait-while-I-post-that-on-Facebook world.   Connect with Kelly and discover how being professionally human can bring you better business results. 

Contact Kelly by phone at 770-597-1108, email her or tweet her @KellyVandever.

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